This Lead Tracking Software has multiple benefits for its users.

  • A friendly dashboard that allows you have a at a glance report and status of enquiries
  • One gets a comprehensive table format list of enquires.
  • Ability to sort by date, status, product or service names, company names, source etc.
  • Easy to get reports by single attributes or combinations of date, status, names, source etc

As a Manager / Admin you will get to see the following in this Sales Tracking Software :

  • Can sort and share enquires to respective executives.
  • import and export reports or data through excel or CSV file.
  • Permission to download the secured information of the list of enquiries is for the manager / admin level.

As a executive this business management software or system allows you to see:

  • focused list of enquiries.
  • user friendly approach for status updates. The executive need not go through multi levels to reach the section to update or take action. It is done within 2 clicks.
  • Automated system of daily follow up alerts.